Wednesday, January 14, 2015

gone junking!

last tuesday, in tow with the lovely bride-to-be, erin vogel, i headed out to one of my favorite places in san francisco-- building resources. this place is amazing. you can get everything here-- wood, sea glass, chandeliers, old bottles, doors, windows, toilets, ANYTHING! i always get so excited to show it to new people because it is truly one of those places that just allows your imagination to soar. oh the endless possibilities for what some consider "junk"!  since i will be planning and designing erin's phoneix wedding in april, my mind was on weddings--and i guess probably on her's as well :) 

we found the most amazing materials that we will transform into personalized pieces for the wedding-- entry signs, seating charts, places to hang mason jar candles, picture frames, vessels for flowers, candle holders... you name it! i am so excited to see all these recycled goods turned into unique and beautiful pieces to add to the magic of erin and billy's special day. 

bottles that will be delabled and used to hold flowers and candles 
my favorite candles-- reminds me of old italian restaurants  
fun chandelier to hang from trees
lattices and wood scraps and an a-frame sign!
after a bit of sanding (ok, a lot of sanding!)... these babies are ready for some paint and calligraphy :)

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