Monday, January 19, 2015

thank you, mrs. moresi!

this past weekend was one filled with love, beauty, laughter, inspiration, and reunions. i was lucky enough to spend the weekend celebrating one of my dearest friends from college, katie, in honor of her wedding to the very handsome nick moresi. katie is one of those people who knows exactly what she wants and will go to all ends to MAKE IT HAPPEN. she and i have always understood each other in that sense, and her wedding was an incredible testament to her creativity, determination, and dedication to a vision. not only was the setting of her wedding in itself inspiring-- green rolling hills, a southern california sunset, and a beautiful open barn? hello, perfection!-- but her attention to detail and creativity shone through every single aspect of the wedding. from their custom made arbor, to her hand lettered signs, to the table setups-- everything was perfectly nick and katie. just the way a wedding should be. i walked away from this weekend full of memories with friends that truly hold a special place in my heart and with so much inspiration for my own business and ideas. it is always rewarding to walk away from something feeling inspired, but to be inspired by your loved ones? that's a double whammy. i was full of awe, pride, and inspiration all in one evening-- and all by one beautiful bride! here are some photos of the incredible moresi wedding at strawberry farms golf club, orange county, ca. 

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