Wednesday, March 4, 2015

gold, gold, gold!

Two Fridays ago was such a magical day. I spent the morning and afternoon with my beautiful bride, Erin, and her wonderful cousin, Leila, crafting, painting, and brainstorming. We gathered all of our previous bounty from the thrift stores, builder's resource, and craft stores and went to town! Erin, as many of you will notice, LOVES gold- and it is truly amazing what gold spray paint can to do a dingy old frame, or outdated candlestick holders. I am so wildly excited for this wedding I can barely contain myself!

bar signage

gold spray paint changed this from princess to gorgeous!

beautifully stained wood makes a great blank canvas!

"i love gooooooold!"

from wooden, scratched, and outdated to a gold statement!

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