Wednesday, March 4, 2015

my apologies...

First, let me apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been extremely busy with projects, business license stuff, and life in general. These past few months (and months to come) have been and will be some of the most exciting months of my life! Not only have I had the time to help grow my business and dedicate energy into delivering quality project and ideas to my brides, but it has also been an exciting time in my personal life as well. I have had the pleasure to attend friends’ weddings, showers, and parties—it is always exciting to be on the showering side! I am so blessed to witness so much love, excitement, and creativity. It has been an inspiring year thus far to say the least!

These next few months have shaped up to follow suit—more weddings, showers, and parties! From planning to crafting to showering, I am looking forward to every aspect of the events to come in the next year. Sam, Eliza, Erin, Lauren, Kris… I’m looking at you! Xoxo.

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